Pavaj zootehnic pentru protectie si confort termic

The use of rubber pavements is getting  more and more frequent in the field of professional animal breeding, even if it refers to horses or other farm animals and pets.

Having the advantage of permeability and being easy to clean, the rubber pavements prevent ammonium from polluting the air inside stables. This ensures a proper and easy way to clean the stables and reduces significantly the risk of animals developing breathing disorders.


Pavaj zootehnic pentru protectie si confort termic 3

Remobable zootechnich rubber pavements for protection and warmth

  • Mounted on concrete surfaces

  • Structure: black or colored, single layer  

  • Sizes:  2500 x 1000 mm or 1000 x 1000 mm without connection system    

  • Mounting: by laying on flat concrete surfaces

  • Ideal for flooring animal shelters on the interior or exterior.